Wendy DeSarno is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and she has been employed by the ASPCA as a pet behavior counselor.  During her time at the ASPCA, Wendy worked with the Animal Behavior Department to implement behavior modification programs to evaluate, train, and rehabilitate shelter dogs so they may become eligible for adoption.  Wendy continues to volunteer her time and skills to the ASPCA, counseling prospective adopters about humane training methods and responsible dog ownership.

After obtaining a BA in Media Studies from Hofstra University, Wendy continued her professional education at the SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, earning an honors Certificate in Training and Behavior Counseling (CTC).  Known as the “Harvard for Dog Trainers,” this intensive program pairs students with the industry’s best dog trainers, including the director, Jean Donaldson, author of The Culture Clash, Mine!, Fight!, and Dogs Are From Neptune.

Presently, Wendy teaches group training classes and offers private behavior consultations.   She specializes in on-leash reactivity, believing dog walks should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for both dog and owner.  She currently resides in Astoria, where she is an active part of the dog-owning community.



"My dog Candy was abused as a puppy and never got properly socialized, so she's shy and had no social skills with other dogs.  She used to bark at people who even made eye contact and was extremely reactive with other dogs. Thanks to Wendy she is now a polite dog (which is all I ask of her).

First I had private lessons to address some of Candy's main issues and then we took the basic obedience class with other dogs.  It is amazing how much she has improved: she doesn't bark at strangers anymore and she now knows how to greet other dogs in a polite manner or peacefully ignore the ones who want to pick up a fight. But aside from those very tangible improvements, what I like most about Wendy is not only that she's a good and patient teacher but that she's a huge animal lover who truly cares about the well-being of your dog.  That translates into everything: Candy loves her now and that pooch is not an easy one to win over!"

- Anayansi Lopez with Candy the Cocker Spaniel mix (Murray Hill)

Wendy was an excellent trainer for my dog and I.  She was extremely patient and kind with my dog, and communicated very well with me to let me know the reasoning behind all that we were doing.  She was extremely accessible to me and even after our training was done, I went to her several times for help when I encountered stressful situations with my dog.  Each time she was extremely reassuring and helpful, and made it clear that she was happy to be available to me.  Wendy has gone above and beyond, and has always shown genuine concern for my dog and me.  I cannot recommend her more highly!

- Robin Lee with Morris the Lab/Pitbull mix (Upper East Side)

Wendy is awesome.  She makes things simple (even for the humans!), but productive.  Also, Wendy never watched the clock - always giving us as much time and info as possible.

- Virginia Butler with Neo the Puggle (Murray Hill)

Wendy has a very good way of teaching you to understand the ways to train your dog.  I am enjoying a stronger bond with Roxie, and a dog that is starting to listen!

- Pia Ludvigzon with Roxie the Old English Pocket Beagle (Forest Hills)