Good to the Bone can help you resolve and/or troubleshoot a variety of behavior issues, such as separation anxiety, destructive behavior, rude or pushy behaviors (such as jumping, begging, and barking for attention), and can also help with certain aggression issues.

We also offer packages of lessons for the following
training areas:

Leash Walking 101
Does your dog lunge or bark at other dogs and people?  Does he pull you down the block, desperate to investigate new sights and smells?  Is your dog fearful of the strange sights and sounds on the city streets? 

Leash-reactivity is a common behavior problem that can be embarrassing for dog owners.  Good to the Bone will show you how to utilize humane walking equipment to help manage your dog’s unruly leash behavior, while teaching you and your dog to enjoy walks together.  We will design a simple leash-walking protocol, tailored to your dog’s specific needs.  Whether you are trying to eliminate your dog’s reactions to other dogs, or helping him to feel more confident on the noisy city streets, Leash Walking 101 is the program for you.  Number of lessons vary depending on type of leash-walking issue.

Perfect Pup in Five Weeks!
This package is perfect for new puppy owners.  You and your pup will learn all the basics, custom-tailored to the specific needs of your household.  You will learn how to house train, teach your puppy to love his crate or confinement space, and troubleshoot common behavior problems.  All the basic obedience behaviors are covered, such as sit, down, stay, come when called, and leave-it.  Puppy owners can request just about anything be covered in this private, in-home package of five lessons.

Dog Meets Baby
Expecting parents try to prepare themselves as much as possible for the baby’s arrival, but who prepares our canine friend?  Imagine your dog’s surprise when all of a sudden there is a tiny new member of the household around, making strange crying sounds and occupying all of mom and dad’s attention.   This package of four private lessons starts off teaching your dog what to expect when his family’s expecting.  We will then continue to get your dog acclimated when the baby arrives, by teaching your dog impulse control and polite behaviors.  Don’t wait until your dog decides the baby is a drag!  Prepare him ahead of time so that he and your baby start off on the right paw!

Our classes are a great way to teach your dog to stay focused on you, even with other dogs and people in close proximity!

Puppy Kindergarten
Want to learn how to communicate with your new canine friend and have tons of fun in the process?

Our classes focus on teaching bite-inhibition (gentle jaws), socialization, household manners and obedience (sit, down, come, and more!) You will learn how to housetrain your pup, as well as how to prevent and troubleshoot common behavior problems, such as barking, nipping, and chewing. Classes also include puppy playtime, where your pup will learn vital socialization skills, which can prevent fear-based aggression as your puppy matures. Owners will learn how to communicate with their pups, in order to raise a well-adjusted new member of the family! All puppies 8 weeks to 5.5 months are welcome.

It’s never too early to start teaching and socializing your puppy!  CLICK HERE to read a veterinary’s opinion about early socialization for your puppy.

Basic Obedience
This class is designed to help you better understand your dog, enhance communication, and teach your dog to make good choices. With an emphasis on impulse control, you will learn how to apply essential obedience commands, including sit, stay, come, leave-it, and loose-leash walking to your daily life. Whether this is your first attempt at training your dog, or you are building on the skills learned in previous training endeavors, you and your dog will benefit from this life-changing class while having a blast! Dogs 6 months or older are welcome.

Reliable Recall
Does your dog only come when called when he has nothing better going on? Can you trust your dog off leash? Do you want to ensure your dog will always come when called - no matter what?! 

This class will help you do just that. It is a four session class where you will learn the foundation of building
a reliable recall, and how to put those skills into practice in real-life situations. Using reward-based training methods, dogs and owners will build a stronger relationship, based on trust and mutual respect. Dogs 6 months and older are welcome.

Group classes are held at Walter’s Pet Styles located at 201-C East 33rd Street (at 3rd Ave.), NYC
The Jumping Bulldog located at 28-10 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY

Classes meet for 1 hour each week for 6 sessions.
Call today to register for the next rotation of classes!